Gila or “chila” is a type of green striped squash/pumpkin that is native to the Americas but was introduced to the Mediterranean in the 16-17th centuries.  In Portugal, it is cooked down and mainly used to make sweets, such as doce de Gila – Gila jam, or in this case, a tart.  The texture is lightly crunchy even after cooked but the flavor is a lovely sweet, light, “white pumpkin” flavor and most Portuguese adore it.

I had this house-made tart, a mixture of gila, sugar, cinnamon and egg yolk (another Portuguese favorite in sweets) at our favorite Restaurante Amalia (formerly Arena dos Petiskos)  in nearby Alcochete, across the river from Lisbon.  And it was delish :)

Bom fim de semana!  Have a good weekend!

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