*Ok so it’s really a Saturday Foodie Foto because my wireless went down yesterday and couldn’t post but still just as enjoyable! :)

The longest, sunniest days of the year deserve deliciously sweet Portuguese melon.  You may think you’ve had some good melon back at home but nothing compares to the awesome variety of ridiculously ripe melons you find all summer long in Portugal.  So far this season I’ve sampled some meloa, which is typically a variety of cantaloupe, but the main one you find here is green, specifically called Meloa Galia.  Then there’s melãowhich are larger, football-shaped varieties of melon that come in green, yellow and white.  The white is definitely my favorite as it gets so sweet it’s like eating cotton candy!

But this green meloa I have here for now is quite tasty and will make a great snack at the beach today :)

For more info about Portuguese melon and seasonal fruit in Portugal check out my Catavino post: Food Shopping in Portugal: What and Where to Find the Best Produce in Season 

Now go and savor summertime!



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