2011 Herdade de Gâmbia Tinto – IG Peninsula de Setúbal

First thoughts? Young and fruity.  This 2011 Portuguese red from winemaker Nuno Cancela Abreu of Boas Quintas is from the Setúbal Peninsula region, one of my favorite wine regions in Portugal.  Made from a mix of both Portuguese and international varieties: Touriga Nacional, Aragonez (aka Tempranillo) and Syrah, these grapes present bright and youthful notes in the wine at the moment but also have great aging potential.  And for a 14%alc. wine you hardly notice the heat with such festive fruit flavors in your mouth.

Food? Had this for dinner em casa with some homemade turkey parmesan and spaghetti (yea not exactly Portuguese but that’s my Italian side coming out) and it was a perfect accompaniment.  The producer recommends it with “red or white grilled meat, pasta, spicy dishes or medium-strength cheeses,” so I got it right on the money.  Retails for €4-5.00 here in Lisbon.  For more info about this wine and the Herdade de Gambia label check out the Boas Quintas site here (in English).

Final advice?  This is a red wine for people who like young and fruity wines or normally drink white but want to break out of their bubble sometimes.  This is also a wine for people who love cheese and grilled meat.  Can be enjoyed with or without food and can age.



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