Selfie with Andrew Zimmern while taking him on my Eat & Drink Like A Local- Morning Tour for Bizarre Foods' Lisbon!

Selfie with Andrew Zimmern while taking him on my Eat & Drink Like A Local- Morning Tour for Bizarre Foods’ Lisbon!

It’s been a busy and successful year so far for this American in Portugal!

Throughout the past 10 months, I’ve had the pleasure of hosting numerous guests on my food and drink adventures in and around Lisbon. We visited some fabulous food markets, sampled some scrumptious Portuguese cured meats and cheese, dined in traditional style with some charming locals and savored hundreds of bicas and bolas de Berlim.  

It was back in July though when I was given the opportunity to tour around one of the most famous foodies himself, Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods!  I was contacted by the Travel Channel some months before as they were beginning to plan their Lisbon episode and ended up being one of Andrew’s guides for a segment of the show!  So Andrew got to experience the complete itinerary of my Eat & Drink Like A Local- Morning tour and he had an awesome time.  Despite not knowing any Portuguese, he really bonded with the locals, especially the old ladies (who had no clue who he was), and at the market they were inviting him home for dinner by the end!  I also taught him a lot about Portuguese food history and how it’s so ingrained into their culture, and he got to meet the people whose stories and homemade dishes I learned this from.  I think he left wanting to come back soon for more!

I don’t want to give away anything else about our segment or the rest of the show, so you’ll just have to tune in tonight for the premiere- Monday, Nov. 3rd at 9/8c on the Travel Channeland you can check out their Lisbon photo reel preview and Lisbon Travel guide video to get pumped for the show!  Unfortunately due to copyright regulations, I won’t be able to watch the premiere tonight from over here in Portugal, so I’m counting on the rest of you for your feedback afterwards!  Hopefully I didn’t look too nervous or a total cheeseball on camera….I mean, it was Andrew Zimmern of all people! :)  The producers already told me though it looks to be a great show so I hope you enjoy it!

After the premiere, I will post some more of my behind-the-scenes photos from the filming of our segment, so don’t miss out!


Andrea Smith

Your American In Portugal

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3 Responses to An American In Portugal On Bizarre Foods’ Lisbon

  1. Nuno Ferreira says:

    Terrific show! Kudos on the choices. The tasca that you chose is really nice, with really good homemade food and good choice on the bolas de Berlim. Congrats once again :)

  2. Bangkok Jay says:

    Wow. Having just watched this episode here in Thailand, we’re dying to take up one of your foodie tours in 2015! Great job. The chemistry between you and Andrew was visibly clear.

  3. congrats Andrea …Thanks for sharing your experience ….

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