Learn About Portuguese Food & Wine
What do the locals eat and drink on a daily basis?  What are their favorite wines and dishes and the history behind them?  Find these out on one of my bespoke private Lisbon walking tours or private chauffeured wine day trip and you'll be in for a delicious surprise! Click here to learn more about my tours
Who Is This American In Portugal Foodie Guide?
A graduate and former Senior Tour Guide and Concierge of the CIA (The Culinary Institute of America), a Portuguese food and wine writer, a resident of Portugal since 2008, featured on Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods and HGTV's House Hunters International, I am a skilled "food sherpa" who speaks the language and lives here by my sense of taste and smell! Click here for more about Andrea
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Interested in joining me for a personalized food and beverage experience?  Then let me be your guide for eating and drinking  your way like a local through Lisbon and beyond! Reserve an experience now and I will customize it to fit your taste buds! Click here to contact me!

Common Questions

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    Here are some common things people want to know about my tours. Click on a question to the left, take a look and read over them before you contact me to see if they answer some of the things you may already be wondering!

  • What Is An American In Portugal Tour?

    Enjoying a glass of Vinho Verde on my balcony in Lisbon

    As the name indicates, I’m an American in Portugal!  And this American has lived in Portugal for more than 5 years, speaks the language and is in love with Portuguese food and drink!   Not only have I been writing and researching about Portuguese cuisine but through my other work (and lack of a car) I have learned my way around Lisbon and the surrounding area via whatever method of public transportation is the quickest and/or most convenient.  This has led me to explore many of the little known areas of Lisbon and what they have to offer that the average tourist doesn’t know!   When my friends and family visit, I take them to all of my favorite local cafés/pastry shops, markets and restaurants that they wouldn’t have found on their own.   This way, they can experience what it’s like living and enjoying Portugal to its fullest, which I believe is through its wonderfully delicious food and drink.   They learn about the food they’re eating, the wine they’re tasting, the coffee they’re savoring, and the history behind it, as well as getting to interact with the local Portuguese vendors, many who are now like family to me.

    This provides the foundation of my American In Portugal Tours.   My friends and family and even the friends of friends and visiting strangers I’ve met on the street convinced me to start sharing my experiences with anyone who might be interested.  My tours are for people who love food, wine, coffee and love to try new things.  Yes, you die-hard foodies and wine lovers out there, I’m talking to you!  My tours are also for those who want to see the real Portugal, uncut and unchained in all its glory.   We will go outside of touristy areas, but still get to pass old world architecture, churches, buildings and houses stuck in time.   The objective of my tours is to eat, drink and experience Lisbon and beyond and its culture like a local.

    So if you’re up for a tasty, American in Portugal adventure, come join me.

  • What Types of Tours Do You Offer?

    João with my group of American MBA students enjoying a private dinner!

    João Gomes of Tasca do João with my group of American MBA students enjoying a private dinner!

    At the moment, I offer two types of private tours: Lisbon Walking & Day Trips

    • Lisbon Walking Tours – Also known as my “Eat & Drink Like A Local” tours, these experiences give you a big taste of my favorite, authentic local neighborhoods in Lisbon.  Activities include enjoying coffee and pastries at a classic pastelaria, visiting a food market and tasting some of what it has to offer that day, trying some unique Portuguese wines, having time to shop at some of my favorite gourmet stores and ending with a family-style meal at one of my favorite traditional Portuguese tascas.  All of my walking tours involve a good amount of walking and taking some public transport (card provided) to travel from place to place like a local.  For more details, check out my Eat & Drink Like A Local- Morning (Tues.- Sat.) and Eat & Drink Like A Local- Evening  (Mon.- Sat.) tours, prices are for a fixed itinerary.  Customized walking tours are also available by request or limited availability.


    • Delicious Day Trips – Departing from Lisbon, enjoy a delicious wining, dining and sightseeing day out in the countryside!  Activities include tours and tastings at local wineries, touring a great local food market, tasting specialty regional cheeses and pastries and doing some sightseeing in some of the most picturesque locales.  Areas to explore can be Sintra, Colares & Cabo da Roca, Bucelas, Sesimbra & Cabo Espichel, Azeitão, Palmela & Setúbal.  Recommended for Sundays but available almost any day of the week.  For more information check out Delicious Day Trips which list my fixed-price itinerary options.  Customized Day Trips are also available by request.

    Note: Tours are scheduled by customer request and current availability, they do not always run daily.  Please contact me to book a tour.

  • How Long Do The Tours Last?

    The popular pastel de nata, Lisbon’s egg custard tart, sprinkled with cinnamon and ready to eat!

    Tours range from about 4 – 5  hours (2 – 3 hour tour + 1.5 – 2 hours leisurely meal) for fixed or customized Lisbon walking tours to 7 – 8 hours for day trips or customized tours in or outside of Lisbon.

    I recommend wearing comfortable, supportive shoes  for the walking tours because although the Portuguese cobblestone sidewalks are beautiful, they’re not so kind on the feet!

    Longer private tours are available through customized tours.

  • How Many People Are On A Tour?

    Coffee and pastries with my guests!

    My experiences are private and are meant to be cozy and personalized so I try to limit my walking tours to a maximum of 4 or 5 people.  That way, we’re able to fit and blend in more at the smaller, local-favorite type places.

    For larger groups or corporate (min. 6 people), day trips and customized tours may be arranged.   (Please allow up to 4 weeks before date to prepare) 


  • Are Children Allowed On Tours?

    Carapauzinhos- Traditional fried small mackerelAll of my tours are designed and intended for adults ages 18 and over.   Children between the ages of 10 and 17 are permitted on tours, if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times and are not allowed to consume alcohol if it is part the tour.  Children under the age of 10 are not permitted on any tour.

  • Can We Customize Our Own Tour?

    Love fish? These grilled Sardines and Mackerel are delicious!

    Yes!  If you have some specific places or things in mind, are on a short time limit or want an extended experience then I can put together a customized private tour  based upon these requests.

    We will work with you to find and arrange a delicious tour to make your vacation extra special and extra tasty, that is my customization promise!

  • Can We Request A Special Location?

    Caves Velhas Winery in nearby Bucelas

    Touring and tasting at Caves Velhas Winery in nearby Bucelas

    Yes!  If you have a particular restaurant, winery, neighborhood in Lisbon or location outside of Lisbon that you heard or read about and would like to check out, I would be happy to accommodate you by arranging a customized tour or day trip.

  • How Far In Advance Should Tours Be Booked?

    One of the many delicious Portuguese cheese counters!

    I recommend booking your tours at least 2 – 4 weeks in advance.

    Bookings less than 2 weeks in advance or last minute may be able to be accommodated subject to availability.

  • Can You Accommodate Special Needs Guests?

    All of my walking tours require moderate physical activity (walking, stairs, steep hills).

    If your physical requirements do not allow for this, I would recommend booking a day trip or customized tour with us where I can provide a private car or van to pick you up and drop you off to each of the sites.  


  • What Booking Information Do I Need To Provide?

    Along with your contact formI will need to know the following upon booking:

    • Name and/or address of where you are staying in Lisbon or nearby.  I normally meet my guests at their hotel or guesthouse for walking tours and arrange pick up/drop off for day trips.  When necessary if logistics are complicated, a central meeting point will be arranged.

    Please also make sure to provide me with the following information on your contact form if applicable:

    • Food Allergies:  If you or anyone in your party have allergies, especially to shellfish, eggs, nuts, peanuts, gluten and dairy, it is extremely important that I know about these beforehand so I can plan the restaurants/menus accordingly for your safety!
    • Foods You Don’t Eat: Please let me know of anything that you or anyone else in your party don’t like and/or will not eat (ex. vegetarian, vegan, no pork, no red meat or you don’t like mushrooms or cheese, etc.)  I will make sure that we avoid/substitute these foods on your tour.
    • Physical Impediments: If you have difficulty walking or climbing/descending stairs or hills that would not allow you to properly enjoy a walking tour then we can arrange a customized tour or day trip with a private car to chauffeur us around to the sites.



  • What Am I Getting For My Money?

    Enjoying typical Portuguese dishes and wine at my favorite local tasca for lunch!

    You are getting to enjoy delicious Portuguese food and drink while learning about it with someone who lives, studies and writes about it on a daily basis!  My culinary and wine education also provide a more thorough, knowledgeable experience.

    All of my tours include a full meal with wine and drinks, along with coffee and pastries to get you off to a sweet start on your tasty experience!

    Along with that you’ll also get to explore some of the local neighborhoods and establishments in Lisbon where tourists don’t often venture and a guide who can communicate with the locals as well as teach you some key words and phrases in Portuguese that will help you get around on your own for the rest of your trip in Portugal!

  • How Do We Pay You?

    Booking Payments are done via PayPal invoice, using any major credit card or PayPal account.  The following cards are accepted:

      • American Express
      • Visa / Delta / Electron
      • MasterCard / Eurocard
      • Maestro
      • PayPal TopUp Card

    100% of the Tour Price is due with booking confirmation.  A PayPal invoice will be sent to your email address with a direct link to PayPal to make the payment.   Same – day tour bookings/payments are not accepted.

    Cancellations: If you cancel up to one week prior to the tour date, you may receive a 50% refund.  Cancellations made less than one week prior to tour date are non-refundable.

    Gratuities, shopping purchases and additional food and drink purchases made on the tour are not included in the price of the tour.


If you have any other questions don't hesitate to email me: http://americaninportugaltours.com/contact-me/